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Summary of Workshop: 2008

A Regional Workshop Developing an Integrated Support System for Managing Coastal Ecosystem Change in Tropical East Asia and the Pacific.

Marine Science Institute CS, University of the Philippines Diliman, 24 -25 January 2008


Professor Kazuo Nadaoka, “Highlights of the APN Project & CurrentJapanese Research Initiatives and Their Relevance to Asia-Pacific”

Dr. Miguel D. Fortes, UPMSI “The Coastal Environment of Asia-Pacific:Status, Issues & Management Perspectives”

Dr. Dan Ling Tang, RSMEE “Satellite Remote Sensing of Coastal Ecosystems Changes Related with Human Activities”

Dr. Victor Bonito, IAS “Integrating Science and New Technologies To Enhance Community-based Resource Management in Fiji”

Dr. James Comley, USP “Mapping Benthic Habitats on Fijian Coral Reefs: Evaluating Combined Field and Remote Sensing Approaches”

Mr. Varigini Badira et al TOKYO TECH "Regional Sediment Discharge Model and the Future Trends of Sediment Load Due to Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific Region"

Dr. Fernando Siringan et al., Proferssor, UPMSI

“Temporal Changes in the Cyst densities of Pyrodinium bahamense var. compressum and Other Dinoflagellates in Manila Bay,Philippines”

Dr. Ma. Cecilia Rubio, “Complimentarity of Sensor-based Measurements and Community Perception for Monitoring and Management of Seawater Quality”

Mr. Tanuspong Pokavanich et al., TOKYO TECH "Studies of the Circulation and Bio-chemical Characteristics of the Coastal Lagoon at Puerto Galera, The Philippines"

Mr. Kota Ashikawa et al., TOKYO TECH "Hydrodynamics and Water QualityMonitoring Around Santiago Island, Bolinao"

Mr. Eugene C. Herrera et al., TOKYO TECH "Collaborative Monitoring and Study of Laguna Lake Hydrodynamics and Water Quality"

Mr. Ariel C. Blanco et al., TOKYO TECH “Monitoring and Modeling of Sediment and Nutrient Discharge from Coastal Watersheds in Ishigaki Island (Okinawa, Japan) and Coral Coast (Viti Levu, Fiji Islands)”

Mr. Mohammad Helmi et. al, Diponegoro University "Satellite Data Processing Techniques for Tropical Coastal Ecosystem Mapping and Monitoring; Overview of Some Selected Remote Sensing Study in Indonesia"

Ms. Mary Lou B. Larroza, BBRMCI “Inter-Local Government Unit Partnership for Coastal Resources Management of Banate Bay”

Planned Events and Activities

March 2008: Votua Reef Survey (Coral Coast, FIJI)

Past Events and Activities

Recent Activites
January 24th-25th, 2008 A Regional Workshop Developing an Integrated Support System for Managing Coastal Ecosystem Change in Tropical East Asia and the Pacific Marine Science Institute CS, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City 1101 The Philippines, 24 -25 January 2008
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Nov - Dec 2007: Bolinao Survey (Bolinao, Pangasinan, PHILIPPINES)
September 2007: Fiji Samoa Trip
Feb 18 - Mar 13 2007 We conducted an additional intensive survey at Puerto Galera in Mindoro island, Philippines.
Members: T. Pokavanich, A. Blanco, Yamamoto, Eugene H., V. Badira, Erlinda S., Dr. Villanoy(MSI, UPD)

December 2006: Philippines Sensor recovery trip
November 2006: Samoa Mangrove and River Sediment Coring Research Leg
November 2006: Samoa: meetings USP Samoa and Samoa Department for Natural Resources.
October 2006 : Workshop in University of South Pacific. Title: FIJI Coral Reefs: Systems Approaches to Research Management.
October 2006 : Fiji Mangrove and river Sediment Coring Research Leg
October 2006 : Okinawa, River Nutrient Measurements and Sediment Dishcarge measurements
August 2006: Okinawa, Hydrodynamic measurements
July 2006: Okinawa Hydrodynamics Field Survey, Okinawa Mangrove and dam Sediment Core boring
Outline of Project Schedule

The proponent and the collaborators have been actively engaged in cooperative research relating to study and integration of engineering and biogeochemical research techniques to characterize, analyze and solve various coastal environmental problems albeit in informal tie-ups for the past three (3) years or more. In the process, they have amassed various tools, in the form of in-situ environmental data gathering methods, instruments, numerical simulation techniques for shallow-water hydrodynamics and optical models for satellite image analysis. In order to optimize the utilization of these tools, this proposed project will enable them to reach out to as many countries in the region for sharing not only expertise, but also for mobilizing a wealth of technical resources for assessment and monitoring.
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