Coral Reef Management Symposium On Coral Triangle Area

(12-13 October 2009, Bidakara Hotel-Jakarta)

Another event, "The Coral Reef Management Symposium On Coral Triangle Area" held in Jakarta to support previous events such as Manada Declaration and CTI submit meeting. This Symposium brought together scientist, managers, policy makers, NGOs and private sectors in finding better solutions for coral reef management especially in coral triangle area as centre of marine biodiversity in the world, sharing information on contemporary science and strategies on coral reef management (lesson learned from coral triangle countries), strengthening capacity building and networks for scientists, managers, governments, and all relevant stakeholders on coral reef management.

From our laboratory, RK introduced about our new project, the "SEA-WP Connectivity and Ecosystem Management" (SEACEM) on behalf of Dr. Coralie. Professor Nadaoka was coming to this meeting to meet with Prof. Suharsono and Prof. Jompa to give the Research Permit Documents. Our hope is we can start our project in Indonesia soon and meet with other Indonesian collaborators to have great mutual corporation for both Indonesia-Japanese side.

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Indonesia workshop.JPG