Profile of Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka (As of August 2017)(

Current PositionsProfessor, Department of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering, School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technologyprof_Nadaoka.jpg
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1954
Office addressO-okayama 2-12-1-W8-13, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8552, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5734-2589, Fax: +81-3-5734-2650, Email:
Education1976-1978: Graduate School of Science & Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1974-1976: School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
DegreeDoctor of Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology, March 1986)
Work Experience1994 to date: Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1986-1994: Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1983-1986: Research Associate, Tokyo Institute of Technology
1978-1982: Researcher at the Littoral Drift Laboratory, Port and Harbor Research Institute, Ministry of Transport
Main Affiliations in the Academic Societies2015 to date: Council member of International Society for Reef Studies (ISRS)
2007-2009 & 2009-2011: Vice–President of Japanese Coral Reef Society (JCRS)
2009-2011: Chair of Coastal Engineering Committee in Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Research FieldCoastal ecosystem conservation studies, integrated coastal zone management, coastal oceanography and engineering
Recent Research Interests1) Analysis and prediction of multiple environmental stresses on coastal ecosystems,
2) Coastal ecosystem modeling for analyzing its dynamic response to various anthropogenic impacts and global environmental changes,
3) Monitoring and modeling of physical and bio-chemical processes in coastal zones,
4) Development and application of remote sensing methods to monitor coastal environments,
5) Reef connectivity study for establishing desirable MPA networks based on larval dispersal simulation and population genetics,
6) Establishing a decision support system for ICZM, and
7) Comprehensive assessment and conservation of blue carbon ecosystems and their services.

【Selected papers in 2009-2017】
 Nakamura, T., K. Nadaoka, A. Watanabe, T. Yamamoto, T. Miyajima, A. C. Blanco (2017): Reef-scale modeling of coral calcification responses to ocean acidification and sea-level rise. Coral Reefs, in press. doi: 10.1007/s00338-017-1632-3

 Sith, R., T. Yamamoto, A. Watanabe, T. Nakamura, K. Nadaoka (2017): Analysis of Red Soil Sediment Yield in a Small Agricultural Watershed in Ishigaki Island, Japan, Using Long-Term and High Resolution Monitoring Data, Environmental Processes,

 Sharma, S., K. Nadaoka, M. Nakaoka, W. H. Uy, R. A. MacKenzie, D. A. Friess, M. D. Fortes (2017): Growth performance and structure of a mangrove afforestation project on a former seagrass bed, Mindanao Island, Philippines, Hydrobiologia.

 Analuddin, K., Jamili, A. Septiana, W. O. Harlis, I. Sahidin, U. Rianse, S. Rahim, S. Sharma, K. Nadaoka (2016): Blue carbon stock and green tea potential in mangroves of coral triangle eco-region, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Int. J. of Environmental Science, 1, 125-132

 Ferrera, C. M., A. Watanabe, T. Miyajima, M. L. S. D. McGlone, N. Morimoto, Y. Umezawa, E. Herrera, T. Tsuchiya, M. Yoshikai, K. Nadaoka (2016): Phosphorus as a driver of nitrogen limitation and sustained eutrophic conditions in Bolinao and Anda, Philippines, a mariculture-impacted tropical coastal area. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 105(1), 237-248.

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 Collin, A., Nadaoka, K. Nakamura, T. (2014) Mapping VHR water depth, seabed and land cover using google earth data, ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Information. 3, 1157-1179; doi:10.3390/ijgi3041157

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 Nadaoka, K. (2009): Reef Connectivity-A key factor governing resilience of coastal ecosystems, 5th International Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts (APAC2009), October 2009, Nanyang Tech. University, Singapore, Vol. 1, 35-44. (Keynote)|