''Sith Ratino 「シッツ ラティーノ」''
**Research Interests [#td136f4b]
- Terrestrial Loading and Modeling &br;

**Educational Background [#b45267ed]
- Doctoral Student, Mechanical and Environmental Informatics (Tokyo Institute of Technology) &br; (2014 to present) &br;
- M.Sc. Environmental Engineering (University of the Philippines, Diliman) (2011-2014) &br;
- B.Eng. Rural Engineering (Institute of Technology of Cambodia) (2006-2011) &br;

**More About Me [#u2d3a838]
***Birth Date [#k77813d7]
- August 8 

***Place of Origin [#m4f200d8]
- Kampot Province, Cambodia

***Hobbies [#vf35b17b]
- Watching soccer matches 
- Watching Hollywood movies

***Favorite Foods [#ifb5920a]
- All kinds of food except fast-food