We conducted a field survey to collect COTS larvae in the Yabiji shoal that lies north of Miyako Island. We also investigated the physical environment in and around artificial nursery reef for Trochus (where cultivation of small shellfish exists).

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・To discover the early life ecology of COTS larvae in the field.
・To understand the physical environment around Miyako Island.
・To examine the physical factors that effectively affects the settlement and growth of coral larvae in artificial nursery reef for Trochus

|We deployed  a Compact WH sensor (pressure-type wave gauge) at 10 m depth. It was securely attached to stakes at the sea bottom. |COTS larvae were collected by pumping seawater on the boat. Being only 200-800μm in size, the COTS larvae that were extracted from seawater samples can be examined under a microscope.|
|This is the COTS larva called gastrula larva (which is at the early stage of growth, just a few days after fertilization). This larva was collected in Miyako Island. |A drifter was released to investigate the surface current in Yabiji shoal.|
|Coral colony development in artificial nursery reef for Trochus.|Deployment of the HOBO water temperature sensor within artificial nursery reef for Trochus.|