''Lawrence Patrick Cases Bernardo 「ローレンス パトリック カせス ベルナルド」''
**Research Interests [#h06f0a51]
- Hydrodynamic modeling of coastal and ocean circulation &br;
- Natural disaster research (typhoons, tsunamis, storm surges) &br;
- Simulations of marine larval dispersal and marine connectivity studies &br;
- Oceanographic instrumentation &br;
- GIS as applied to coastal studies &br;

**Educational Background [#qd418c48]
- M.Eng. Civil Engineering (Tokyo Institute of Technology) (2013) &br;
- M.Sc. Marine Science (University of the Philippines - Diliman) (2011) &br;
- B.Sc. Physics (Ateneo de Manila University) [Philippines] (2001) &br;

**Work Experience [#xdd5ca6f]
- Research Associate, University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute (2006 to 2011) &br;
- Research Associate, The Manila Observatory (2001 to 2003) &br;
- Lecturer, Physics and Math Departments, Ateneo de Manila University (2001 to 2006) &br;

**More About Me [#g13e0283]
***Birth Date [#pf7d5e71]
- October 24 

***Place of Origin [#m1674d27]
- Quezon City, Philippines

***Hobbies [#c252ae56]
- Playing futsal and basketball 
- Swimming
- Fiddling around with computers
- Cooking

***Favorite Foods [#n3ec4fa9]
- Coco Ichibanya curry (10辛)
- Natto
- Zaru Soba
- Pizza, Nachos, and Tacos