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''Kentaro Iwai''
**Research Interests [#h06f0a51]
- Beach erosion&br;
- Sediment transportation&br;

**Educational Background [#qd418c48]

**Work Experience [#xdd5ca6f]
- Hamburger shop staff&br;

**More About Me [#g13e0283]
***Birth Date [#pf7d5e71]
- January 23 

***Country of Origin [#m1674d27]
- Tokyo, Japan

***Hobbies [#c252ae56]
- Tennis 
- Walk in beautiful town
- Field survey 
- Sleep  

***Favorite town [#n3ec4fa9]
- Minami-oosawa
- Seiseki-sakuragaoka
- Ochanomizu
- Marunouchi