[[Photos 2011]]

*CECAM Project Meeting held in Akkeshi, Japan [#ndf5a06c]
With the main goal of establishing more integrated approaches to
achieving the CECAM project prospective final outputs and planning in
detail the project activities ahead, a meeting between CECAM Philippine
experts and Japanese counterparts was held in Akkeshi, Japan last July
3-10, 2011. The specific objectives of the meeting were: 
(1) finalizing the details of the next intensive survey ([[9/7-9/26 Field Survey in Philippines:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?9%2F7-9%2F26%20%A5%D5%A5%A3%A5%EA%A5%D4%A5%F3%B8%BD%C3%CF%B4%D1%C2%AC]]) &br;
(2)improving coordination between research components &br;
(3) revisiting the project’s plan of operation &br;
(4) putting into action major decisions from the conference/workshop and the JCC &br;([[6/20-6/22 CECAM National Conference:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?6%2F20-6%2F22%20CECAM%20National%20Conference]]).
The meeting was attended by the following CECAM members: Prof. Nadaoka,
Prof. Nakaoka, Dr. Miyajima, Dr. Umezawa, Dr. Nakamura, Dr. Tanaka, Dr.
Lian, Dr. Honda, Tsukamoto-san, Prof. Fortes, Dr. McGlone, Dr. Villanoy,
Dr. Campos, Dr. Uy, Dr. Blanco and Dr. Herrera. Aside from the series of
meetings, facilities orientation and field excursions were also
carried-out to familiarize participants of the available
instruments/equipment under the project for their respective researches,
and to gain insights in coastal ecosystem monitoring (seagrass beds and
tidal flats) and conservation efforts abroad. 

Left:CECAM Project leaders meeting and management planning, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).&br;
Right:CECAM Project leaders field and laboratory visit, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).&br;


Left:CECAM Philippine Side Project leaders, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).
Right:CECAM Project leaders field trip, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).