Photos 2011

CECAM Project Meeting held in Akkeshi, Japan

With the main goal of establishing more integrated approaches to achieving the CECAM project prospective final outputs and planning in detail the project activities ahead, a meeting between CECAM Philippine experts and Japanese counterparts was held in Akkeshi, Japan last July 3-10, 2011. The specific objectives of the meeting were:

(1) finalizing the details of the next intensive survey (9/7-9/26 Field Survey in Philippines)
(2)improving coordination between research components
(3) revisiting the project’s plan of operation
(4) putting into action major decisions from the conference/workshop and the JCC
(6/20-6/22 CECAM National Conference).

The meeting was attended by the following CECAM members: Prof. Nadaoka, Prof. Nakaoka, Dr. Miyajima, Dr. Umezawa, Dr. Nakamura, Dr. Tanaka, Dr. Lian, Dr. Honda, Tsukamoto-san, Prof. Fortes, Dr. McGlone, Dr. Villanoy, Dr. Campos, Dr. Uy, Dr. Blanco and Dr. Herrera. Aside from the series of meetings, facilities orientation and field excursions were also carried-out to familiarize participants of the available instruments/equipment under the project for their respective researches, and to gain insights in coastal ecosystem monitoring (seagrass beds and tidal flats) and conservation efforts abroad.


Left:CECAM Project leaders meeting and management planning, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).
Right:CECAM Project leaders field and laboratory visit, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).


Left:CECAM Philippine Side Project leaders, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).
Right:CECAM Project leaders field trip, July 2011 (Akkeshi, Japan).