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*Welcome to the Nadaoka Laboratory Home Page! [#b120124b]
*Recent News [#x8d275d5]

**2016 [#i9e20a2c]
~''June 23'' &color(red){''New!''};  &br; 
[[Ongoing Projects]] and [[Completed Projects]] have been updated.

~''May 24'' &color(red){''New!''};  &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2016:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2016%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Apr 28'' &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2016:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2016%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''April 20'' &br;
We held a welcome party for ''Gaku Sasaki'' and ''Masaki Ikenaga'', our new B4 lab members (Civil and Environmental Engineering).  &br; 
''*''View photos from the party  [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?4%2F20%A1%A1Welcome%20Party]].  &br;

~''Apr 1'' &br;
A special seminar was given by ''Dr. Zoe Richards'', Research Scientist at the Western Australian Museum, on the theme '''Hard Coral Diversity of the Kimberly, NW Australia'''. 

~''Mar 29'' &br;
We held a farewell party for ''Charissa Ferrera'', who finished her doctoral course studies (Mechanical and Environmental Informatics), and for ''Masaya Yoshikai'' and ''Shunsuke Kitazawa'', who finished their master course studies (Mechanical and Environmental Informatics). At the same time, we celebrated the graduation of our former B4 and incoming M1 students ''Wataru Ando'' and ''Suguru Takeuchi'' (Civil and Environmental Engineering). &br; 
''*''View our group photo [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?3%2F29%A1%A1Farewell%20Party]]. 

~''Mar 20 to 24''  &br;
We attended the ''[[63rd Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Japan>http://www.esj.ne.jp/meeting/63/]]'' at the Sendai International Center in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.  &br;
&color(#000080){''Members:''}; Egawa &br;
''*''View story and photos [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?3%2F20-24%20%C2%E863%B2%F3%C6%FC%CB%DC%C0%B8%C2%D6%B3%D8%B2%F1]].  &br;

~''Feb 22''   &br; 
A television segment featuring the activities of the ''CECAM Project'' in ''Boracay Island, Philippines'' was broadcasted on the NHK-BS1 channel. It was part of the Asia Insight feature entitled '''Let's Protect the White Beach! - Philippines''' (白いビーチを守れ!〜フィリピン〜), which was aired this day from 14:00-14:30. The same segment was shown in English earlier in the month on NHK World from Feb. 5 to 6.  &br;

~''Feb 21 to Mar 5'' &br; 
We conducted a mangrove field survey in ''Victoria City, Negros Island, Philippines''. Activities included the measurement of mangrove tree parameters, soil sample collection, LIDAR data ground-truthing, as well as interaction with the local government and people. &br;
&color(#000080){''Members:''}; Egawa, Tanokura &br;
[View pictures from the field survey   [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2%2F21-3%2F5%20%A5%D5%A5%A3%A5%EA%A5%D4%A5%F3%A1%A6%A5%CD%A5%B0%A5%ED%A5%B9%C5%E7%B8%BD%C3%CF%C4%B4%BA%BA]].] &br;

~''Feb 17'' &br; 
We held a farewell party for ''Charissa Ferrera'' and ''Hak Danet'', who finished their doctoral course studies (Mechanical and Environmental Informatics), and for ''Kong Chhuon'' who finished his short term stay as part of the AUN-SEED Net program. &br; 
''*''View our group photo [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2%2F17%A1%A1Farewell%20Party]]. 

~''Feb 16'' &br; 
We congratulate our '''B4 lab members''' for successfully defending their undergraduate research theses: 

&color(#000080){''Wataru Ando''}; with research title &color(#8B008B){'''"Field Survey and Analysis of Current Status and Measures of Land-based Loads in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa - toward Realization of Their Effective Reduction Scheme"'''};

&color(#000080){''Suguru Takeuchi''}; with research title &color(#8B008B){'''"Spatial distribution of Water Quality Characteristics in Nagura Bay and Nagura River Estuary in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa"'''};

Ando-san and Takeuchi-san are students of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. &color(red){''Cheers for your hard work!''}; &br;
''*''View pictures of their final presentations [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2%2F16%A1%A1%C2%B4%B6%C8%CF%C0%CA%B8%C8%AF%C9%BD%B2%F1]].

~''Feb 11'' &br;
We congratulate our '''M2 lab members''' for successfully defending their masters research theses: 

&color(#000080){''Shunsuke Kitazawa''}; with research title &color(#8B008B){'''"Relationship between water quality environmental characteristics in island-wide watershed and coastal area comparison and pattern of the coral coverage transition in Ishigaki Island"'''};

&color(#000080){''Masaya Yoshikai''}; with research title &color(#8B008B){'''"Analysis of environmental impacts of intensive mariculture activities on hypoxic water formation and seagrass bed degradation in Bolinao and Anda, Philippines"'''};

Kitazawa-san and Yoshikai-san are students of the Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics. &color(red){''Cheers for your supreme efforts!''}; &br;
''*''View pictures of their final presentations [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2%2F11%BD%A4%BB%CE%CF%C0%CA%B8%C8%AF%C9%BD%B2%F1]].

~''Jan 5''  &br;
The doctoral thesis presentations of ''Charissa Ferrera'', ''Hak Danet'', and ''Junko  Toyoshima'' were held. &color(red){''Cheers for your great efforts and perseverance!''}; &br;
''*''View pictures of their presentations [[here>Doctoral Defense Jan 2016]].  &br;
Doctoral Thesis Titles:
&color(#000080){''Charissa Ferrera''}; &br;
&color(#8B008B){Biogeochemistry of phosphorus and application of oxygen isotopes of phosphate in a eutrophic tropical mariculture area}; &br;
&color(#000080){''Hak Danet''};&br;
&color(#8B008B){Socio-ecological vulnerability and risk assessment of the Mekong Delta}; &br;
&color(#000080){''Junko Toyoshima''}; &br;
&color(#8B008B){Anthropogenic impacts of scuba diving tourism on the coral reef ecosystems and management of the impacts in the coastal areas of Japan}; &br;

**2015 [#i9e20a2c]

~''Dec 11''  &br;  
We held a joint Christmas celebration and farewell party for ''Ahmed El-Adawy''. View our group photo [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?12%2F11%20Ahamed-san%27s%20farewell%20party]].

~''Dec 9''  &br;  
New pictures have been uploaded from our recent fieldwork activities in Ishigaki Island and the Philippines. You can view them in our [[2015 photos:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?%BC%CC%BF%BF%BD%B8%A1%A12015]] links (Japanese).

~''Dec 9''  &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Nov 26 to 29'' &br;
We attended the ''[[18th Annual Conference of the Japanese Coral Reef Society>http://www.jcrs.jp/en/jcrs-18th-meeting/]]'' held at the Keio University Mita Campus in Minato-ku, Tokyo.  &br;
&color(#000080){''Members:''}; Prof. Nadaoka, Dr. Watanabe, Dr. Muko &br;
(Nakamura Lab:) Dr. Nakamura, Takido, Amano &br;

~''Nov 24'' &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Oct 24 to Nov 25'' &br;
We conducted a field survey in ''Ishigaki Island'' in Okinawa Prefecture. Activities included the retrieval of oceanographic sensors, groundwater surveying, the deployment and maintenance of terrestrial sensors, and surveys of local farming practices. &br;
&color(#000080){''Members:''}; Dr. Watanabe, Dr. Nakamura (Nakamura Lab), Sith, Chhuon, Ando, Takeuchi &br;
'''''*''Chhuon is a first time participant.''' &br;
[View pictures from the field survey   [[here:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?10%2F24-11%2F25%C0%D0%B3%C0%C5%E7%C0%BE%C9%BD%C5%E7%C4%B4%BA%BA]].] &br;

~''Oct 7'' &br;
We welcome back ''Kong Chhuon'' (Cambodia) who joins our lab for a short term stay as part of the AUN-SEED Net program. He is a doctoral course student at the University of the Philippines Diliman and will stay in our lab from Sep 26 to Feb 23, 2016.  &br;

~''Sep 7'' &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Aug 3'' &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Jul 31''  &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Jul 15''  &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''Jun 30''  &br;  
''Publications list'' has been updated:  [[2015:http://www.wv.mei.titech.ac.jp/wiki/index.php?2015%C7%AF%C5%D9%B6%C8%C0%D3]]  &br;

~''May 26'' &br;
We congratulate ''Dr. Jun Mitsui'' of Fudo Tetra Corporation, who graduated from Nadaoka Lab in March 2015, for winning the third prize of the ''PIANC De Paepe-Willems Award'' for his paper. The award ceremony took place during the Annual General Assembly of the PIANC held in Portugal on May 19. The paper is about the stability of breakwater armor units against tsunami. A practical design method for armor units to cover a rubble mound at the rear side of a caisson breakwater against tsunami overflow was proposed based on hydraulic model experiments and numerical analysis. The title of his paper is: 

'''"New design method of armor units covering rubble mound of composite breakwater against tsunami overflow"'''