In line with the long-term research on monitoring and assessment of the coastal ecosystem in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Dr. Fortes and his team from University of the Philippines-Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI) joined us in conducting field survey for the winter season last January 2004. Seagrass and mangrove biophysical (growth rate, density and distribution) and optical characteristics were measured in Fukido and Shiraho areas. And also, spectral characteristics of some existing key land vegetation cover were acquired by using the UV-near infrared spectrometer. This activity’s output complements the analysis by remote sensing.

Fig.1 Dr. Fortes and his group from UP-MSI was getting ready for seagrass survey at Fukido area

MangroveSurvey1-1[1].jpg MangroveSurvey2[1].jpg
Fig. 2 Biophysical measurement of Fukido mangroves by Dr. Fortes' group.

Fig. 3 Spectrometer measurement in a sugarcane field.