*For a more comprehensive listing of past theses and dissertations, please see the Japanese Version

Doctoral thesis

Ariel C. BLANCO, March,2009: An integrated approach to studying connectivity relationship between terrestrial and coastal marine environments

Hitoshi Tamura, March,2004: Development of a hydrodynamic numerical simulation model and understanding the heat and materials transport for quantitative assessment of shallow sea ecosystem.

Enrico C. Paringit, March 2003: Integrated monitoring and modeling of a coastal-land coupled environmental system based on remote sensing

Yoshiaki Kuriyama? April,2001 Hydro- and morpho- dynamics on a barred beach

Karthigesu Raveenthiran, September, 2000: A phase-averaged modeling of water waves and its application

Sanae Wakamatsu,, March 2000: Optical theory-based analysis of multiple spectrum data for land and water information acquisition

Mitsuro Tsuchida: Analysis of floating movement and surrounding wavy

Master Thesis

Cui Wei,2009:Simulation of Hydrodynamics and Related Material Transport around Ishigaki Island and Sekisei Lagoon

Tsutomu Takino,2009:Investigation of morphology and genetic structures to reveal the constitution and maintenance mechanism of blue coral assemblages in the eastern coast of Ishigaki Island and in Ooura bay in Okinawa mainland

Kazunori Takebuchi,2009:A study of red soil runoff characteristics using long-term observation and Multi-Watershed

Yuichiro Hirawata,2009:The study of flow structure around the mouth of Tama River and Tokyo Bay

Wataru Kumagai,2005: Field measurements of hydraulic and thermal environments in coral reefs as important factors for coral reef growth.

Yoichi Suzuki,2005: Development of a coastal ocean model with multiple nesting for analyzing current structure and transport processes of coral and crow-of-thorns starfish larvae around the Ryukyu Islands.

Nina Yasuda,2005: Development and application of genetic methods to reveal larval behavior of crown-of-thorns starfish.

Jun Mitsui, March 2004,: field observations and analysis for understanding attributes of hydrodynamics, turbidity, heat and larval dispersal of corals, indicating preservation of Sekisei Lagoon, Okinawa

Takeshi Hanada 2002: Development of coastal hydrodynamic simulation including effect of outer sea and its application for Ariake Bay and Okinawa coastal area.

Kensui Wakaki 2002: A comprehensive field study on physical environments in coral reef areas and development of a numerical simulator

Hitoshi Tamura,March 2001: process of turbulence and material transport analysis based on the newly developed sub-depth scale simulation model.

Masayuki Morii, March 2001; Advanced and generalized technique for chasing the coastal marine front algorithm based on GAL-model.

Ryoko Kumano, 2000: Dield observations and numerical analysis for understanding hydrodynamic environment in Okinawa coral reef.

Nobuhide Konishi, 2000: research on extensive fluvial behavior in open coastal system.

Undergraduate Thesis

Shunsuke Motooka,2009:Field observation and numerical simulation on spatio-temporal dynamics of CO2 system in a fringing reef

Hen Kouhou,2009:Seasonal variations of velocity field and sediment transport in the tidal flat area of Tama River mouth

Syoko Chin,2009:A numerical simulation experiment of red-soil transport in fringing reefsreefs with simplified topography

Yuki Motomura,2009:Long-term change analysis of the land use and surrounding reef benthic cover of Kuroshima in Okinawa using areal photographs

Kenji Ishigami 2004: Monitoring and analysis of hydrodynamic flow in the lagoon of Palau.

Hiroyasu Iizuka 2004 : Numerical analysis of suspended sediment transport for developing the new construction method in harbor shoaling prevention.

Youichi Suzuki 2003: coral larval dispersal process in the southwest of Okinawa Island.

Mohammad Yusam Bin Yussuf: A study on physical environment surrounding the marine forest canopy based on the field observation.

Junji Kubota 2002 : hydro-environmental monitoring and analysis of Manila Bay and Laguna Lake

Jun Mitsui 2002 : monitoring and analysis for study of larval dispersal process in the Southwest of Okinawa Island.

Yousuke Imai, 2001: hydrodynamics and silt sediment transportation analysis based on the field observation in Ishigaki fringing reef area

Ryousuke Kasai, 2001: A fundamental hydrodynamic study of seagrass bed in a coastal area