The integrated investigatory research project is about aquatic and ecosystem management in Puerto Galera.

The purpose Recently, the water quality deterioration and its impact on the ecosystem are worsening because of the uncontrolled tourism infrastructure development. We propose monitoring of the Puerto Galera Bay and its surrounding coastal area in order to quantitatively describe the actual condition and the cause of water deterioration for proper management.

The features 1. This project is conducted in cooperation with the local government, local NGO and the University of the Philippines with the intention to eventually share the results of this project with the local people. 2. This project is an integrated, comprehensive investigation research that will consider social, economic, and cultural factors, not only physical, chemical and biological environment.

We went to Mindoro island by a passenger boat. The departure is after loading all our luggages.This is the Puerto Galera port. The city is around the port.
This is the presentation of our observation plan from Ms.M.Rubio.Local people are very serious about keeping the attractiveness of P.G as a sightseeing spot.They are setting the observation instruments.
Perfect?The picture with local people.
We discuss about the setting point with the diver.The diver locates the sensor with buoy.
This is the picture of sand bar. An issue is whether or not the removal of this sand bar results in water quality improvement.We measured the level of sand bar to evaluate the topography correctively.
We deployed the weather station on a small rise of land.Great weather station!!
We regulate the instruments for corrective measurement.