Puerto Galera

To extend our understanding in Puerto Galera waters, a beautiful coastal lagoon in Mindoro island, The Philippines; we conducted an additional intensive survey again during February 18 to March13, 2007. This time, the targeted parameters were not limited to only the physical condition but included the chemical properties. During our field activities there, we disseminated our recent understandings and research findings to the local communities by organizing a workshop a beautiful resort, Moorings. Apart from the our lab members, there are two Japanese researches and other participant from locals which represent different sector in Puerto Galera i.e. environment, media, resort owners or tourism, education or academe, Local Government Unit, NGO, youth, women, people’s organization (PO)

Member: T. Pokavanich, A. Blanco, Yamamoto, Eugene H., V. Badira, Erlinda S., Dr. Villanoy (MSI, UPD)


Full Member!! (except Erlinda)

Brainstorm during the workshop.


We deployed a lot of sophisticated oceanography instruments by mooring and fixed them on sea bottom. We experienced using many ropes and weights.


In our overall and bathymetry survey, we monitor the physical conditions using high accuracy current profiler ADCP. We also measured the chemical and biological parameters using STD-type sensor and Fluoroprobe.

This is about our water quality samples.