Laguna Lake, Philippines Intensive Survey (August 29-31, 2007)

Members: Prof. Nadaoka and E. Herrera

 Significant temporal and spatial variations in physical, biological and chemical processing occur in Laguna Lake. Brought about mainly by the lake's shallow nature, and wind and density driven currents, the effects of changing meteorological condition (temporal and spatial) on the lake's various hydrodynamic, water quality and biological parameters are prominent and dynamic. In able to provide valuable baseline information for research on the lake dynamic conditions, a 2-day intensive survey was conducted to collect hydrodynamic and water quality data that will describe the vertical temporal variation of these various parameters. The survey was conducted in West Bay Laguna Lake, at the location of the IMSWES monitoring platform (constructed through a collaboration between Tokyo Tech, Nadaoka Lab and Laguna Lake Development Authority). Parameters monitored in the platform were salinity, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a, light intensity, water depth, 2D velocity, wave height, solar radiation, humidity, rainfall, and wind velocity.

West Bay, Laguna Lake Platform and Sensor Deployment

Vertical profiling of horizontal velocity was also done using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) at the IMSWES platform location (continuous for 2 days).

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Deployment Set-up

Water quality measurements using Multi-quality meter (AAQ) was conducted as well for every 30 minutes at the same duration and location of velocity profiling, to describe water quality variation along the vertical water column with the changing physical environment.

Multi-quality meter measurement