Project overview
Project overview
Target species
Sampling sites
This research is funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan starting from April 2008-April 2011. Entitled with  gConservation Strategy based on Regional Reef Connectivity and Environmental Load Assessment in Southeast Asia and West Pacific (SEA-WP) Regionh, our research project aims to infer regional reef connectivity in SEA-WP region and yet providing useful information for management and conservation of the SEA-WP biodiversity.
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The project research is divided  into two parts;
(1) Molecular biology analyses of meta-population dynamics (using both microsatellite and mtDNA markers )
(2) A comprehensive numerical simulations on larval dispersal (bio-physical models) (intended to coupled ocean-atmospheric-nutrient-terrestrial models).

For molecular biology analysis, we chose to work on marine invertebrates, mainly sea cucumbers, starfishes, and corals. Larval dispersal
parameters greatly vary between species, even in the same taxonomic group. In addition, SEA-WP region is a biodiversity hotspot. So, we would like to study a great variety of species. The list of our target species
For numerical modeling, we use three-level of nesting  structures. It is covering Indian-Pacific Ocean in the first level and down to 5 regional area (Japan, Philippines, Central part of Indonesia, Australia and South China Sea) with 2.5 km horizontal grid resolution in the last level structure. This model will provide a detail physical parameters of oceanic conditions and will be the finest regional model in SEA-WP area.
As our study area includes several countries (Japan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Palau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and French Polynesia, Timor Leste, and Singapore), we have developed (and still are developing) cooperation relationships with local research institutes and teams. In parallel, we are searching for a potential solid collaborators from listed countries above. Please contact us and letfs create a mutual cooperation and reveal a connectivity inside the center of biodiversity. For our future to keep a magnificent ocean painting shine.