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We visited Indonesia for about 1 week from November 26th, 2008. We visited several places such as Bogor, Jakarta and Bali to promoting our new Project so called 'SEA-WP connectivity project In this occasion we met with main NGOs concerning to reef conservation management such as WCS-Bogor, Terangi-Jakarta, CI-Bali, TNC-Bali, ReefCheck-Bali and WWF-Bali. Besides that we held a meeting with Prof. Jompa from Secretary of CTI for Indonesia, Dr.Subandono from KP3K-DKP and Dr. Munasik from University Diponogoro to get well information to have a research collaboration in Indonesia.

From this first visit we found many interesting results:
1. Many NGOs, Universities and governmental institutions (DKP, LIPI, and Dephut) are delighted to contribute in this project. Some of reasons are (a) the kick-off of CTI in World Ocean Conference May 2009, (b) COREMAP2 project  and (c) 20 million hectare of marine park conservation for 2020. Those are ongoing and incoming national projects in which in the time being the progress is not really significant.

2. MoU is needed to get foreign research permit.

3. LIPI and DKP were advised to be a prospect candidate for main counterpart in Indonesia.

On 12th March 2009, we visited Indonesia. In this 2nd visit we were planning to follow up previous findings in 1st visit and make clear who will be our main counterpart in Indonesia. In this time we only visit Jakarta, especially to get in touch more with one of the famous coral reefs researcher in Indonesia, Prof. Suharsono of LIPI.

Results of the meetings:
1. With the the approval of BRKP-DKP, KP3K-DKP, P20-LIPI and Tokyo Tech, we decided that LIPI will be the main collaborator from Indonesian side, regarding to a join research on integrated research on reef connectivity.

2. The MOU will be signed with adopting 'umbrella type' scheme, meaning that the main collaborator from both sides will accept other institutions to strengthen the research cooperation. We were also agree not to focus this MOU for SEA-WP connectivity project only.

3. From Japan side, Tokyo Tech will be the main Party that managing JAMSTEC and FRA in this cooperation.

4. From Indonesian side, LIPI will be the main Party that managing BRKP-DKP, KP3K-DKP, UNDIP, UNHAS, NGOs, Ministry of Forestry.

5. Prof. Kazuo Nadaoka will in charge as a principal investigator from Japan. while Prof. Suharsono will in charge as a main counter part person from Indonesian side.

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