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CREO (Coral Reef Environments in Okinawa)

CREO (Coral Reef Environments in Okinawa) was built in April 1994 aimed for multiple and integrated survey and research on coral reefs in Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Various fields of researchers such as researcher of coastal environment and fisheries, coral ecologists and specialists of remote sensing are joining this general project. About 20 researchers are involved in CREO.

IMSWES Project (Integrated Manila Bay-Laguna Lake and Surrounding Watersheds Environmental Study)

Wit the rapid urbanization of the Metro Manila area, Manila Bay and Laguna Lake in the Philippines are now seriously polluted.  This Bay-Lake system is suffering not only from industrial and agricultural waste discharge area but also from intensive resource extraction in the Bay or lake itslef. Environmental problems around Manila are physically and chemically complicated that multidisciplinary research is needed. Specialists of city environment, meteorology and water resource are participating and working together in IMSWES Project External cooperation activity

Communication Conference for the Congresses
of Coastal Environment.

This communication conference was built in 2000 aimed for exchange of ideas  to realize concrete solution for coastal environment. This forum is established by parties involved with marine environmental problem in Japan. The conferences discusses fishery environmental problems, conservation, and possible coastal engineering intervention measures.

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